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Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 23, 2009


Fresh vs Dry:

Is it okay to substitute dried herbs for fresh?

If you can I would recommend using fresh herbs as much as possible in your cooking. Not only because of the fresh taste and intense flavor they will bring to your dish but also the vibrant color as well.

However, you can substitute dried for fresh. Because dried herbs lack the moisture of fresh, their flavor is much more concentrated. The generale rule is to use one third the amount of dried herbs as you would for fresh! Ex: if a recipe calls for 1 Tbsp of fresh basil use 1 tsp of dried basil.

Also, if you are using fresh herbs add them at the end of your recipe so the heat doesn't destroy the bright color of the herbs. If you are using dried herbs add them at the beginning of the dish so the flavor has more time to infuse the dish.


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